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Being a historical one, founded by the contribution of the “Raj-Paribar” of Kandi specially through the great endeavour of Late Kumar Arun Chandra Sinha, Late Kumar Bimal Chandra Sinha, Late Kumar Brindaban Chandra Sinha, Late Kumar Jagadish Chandra Sinha, Late Atish Chandra Sinha and others, Kandi Raj College has its own saga. Dr. Bikash Sinha, one of the more illustrious and proud descendent of the Raj-family and an eminent scientist in the present world and the present President of the Governing Body of the college, is bearing that candle of knowledge which was lit in 1950 with the establishment of this institution.
The vision of the college is encapsulated by its logo which if translated literally means “Enlightenment”. At the time of its inception back in 1950, this was the only college in Kandi subdivision and even today after sixty five years this college is still the beacon of hope for a vast majority of students, specially for the huge number of minority youths who are coming to be educated in their first generation in this area, who doesn’t have the necessary financial infrastructure to enroll themselves in colleges in major cities of the state. The college takes great pride in extending quality education to a large section of people that will hopefully lead to the overall development of the society.

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